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MoreTyme – The best way to pay

 With MoreTyme, you get what you need now, and pay for it in 3 interest-free instalments. 

Buy with MoreTyme in 4 simple steps

All you need is the TymeBank app. There’s no paperwork and sign-up is free.


Download the TymeBank app

Then use the app to open a verified TymeBank account in less than 5 min. It’s free!


Activate MoreTyme in the app

Log in to your TymeBank app, tap the MoreTyme card and tap the Activate or Apply button. You can add money to your EveryDay account, or link any debit/credit cards. It’s also free!


Pick your product and checkout

Pick your product and select the MoreTyme (through Payfast) option at checkout. You only need 33% of the purchase amount available to complete the order.


Pay with MoreTyme

The 1st payment will come off your linked account, and the goods are shipped immediately!

An example for a R3000 purchase

Everything comes off your TymeBank EveryDay account automatically.

The first payment (33% of the purchase price) happens as you buy it at the till point. Your next two payments of 33% each will be automatically deducted 30 days and then 60 days after the day of purchase. As long as there’s enough in your account to cover the payments on the due dates, you won’t pay a cent more than the original purchase price.

Here is an example of a MoreTyme purchase valued at R3 000.

Payment Due Date Amount Status
1st Payment Due 01 Jul 2022 R1 000 Paid at Purchase
2nd Payment Due 31 Jul 2022 R1 000 Upcoming
3rd Payment Due 30 Aug 2022 R1 000 Upcoming